Sunday, 7 February 2016

Writing - An author's meat and drink

It was with great pleasure that I read a review of Flight Into Secrecy written by good friend Bert Carson and left on the other day. I have reproduced part of the review below.

Now to the Patrick Steele books, not just Flight into Secrecy, but all of them. I love series for the simple reason that in a series you get to know the characters and in the process you get to know the author. I know David and I know Patrick, and I love the way David tells his readers the Steele stories. I can't compare David's style to any author you've ever read because David Atkinson has his own unique style. It's one I love and think of as his "kitchen table style." By that, I mean, when I read a Steele story I feel like I'm sitting at David's kitchen table and he is sitting across from me. As we sip our coffee, or tea, he tells me about Steele's latest adventure the way he would tell me about Rupert's first words, or the choir's latest project, or that he reached and passed his swimming goal for the year. David's books aren't Robert B. Parker, James Lee Burke, Robert Crais, or John D. MacDonald, because they are David L. Atkinson books. However, if you like one of that group you'll love all of the others. But don't believe me, buy the books and see for yourself.

It is an excellent review that I'm suitably chuffed with because part of my aim as a writer is to entertain. I write because I love writing but if I didn't entertain part of the point of writing would be lost. Having one's name mentioned in the same breath as Crais and so on is amazing.

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The only thing I have to question is why a review posted on appears on but only as an addendum and without the star rating? C'mon Amazon get sorted.

Even so it was a very pleasant surprise and I'm hoping readers will look at the whole of Bert Carson's review and consider the books as a source of entertainment.

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Bert Carson

In his turn Bert Carson is a fine writer with a number of books to his name some of which I have read and thoroughly enjoyed. Check them out on his website/blog at,

I particularly enjoyed reading Southern Investigations.

Reviews I know are important if an author is to make progress and so if you too have read any of my works I would appreciate your thoughts on Amazon, Smashwords or just search under my name David L Atkinson.

God Bless