Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Writing - Where is self-publishing at right now?

Initially self-publishing was believed to be something of a vanity, but these days it seems to be the norm rather than an exception.

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Erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey began life as a humble, self-published e-book, unable to satisfy the tastes of traditional publishers.
Within a few years it had achieved domination on a global scale, spawning a series that has sold more than 125 million copies.
E. L. James's personal story has become a tantalising fantasy for aspiring authors. But one that technology and social media are making increasingly realisable.
I wish!!!!!

At this point it is relevant to say that even if I didn't publish my work it would still be written because I love telling stories. My good friend, Bert Carson, describes my as 'kitchen table' stories. That is, he feels it is like having me across the kitchen table telling him the story. Some would feel affronted by such a description but I am flattered because one of my skills as a teacher, and I believe as a parent, was telling stories. Therefore, it is unsurprising to me that I write in a style that is intended to entertain.

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The competition for those who produce their own books, after they have ploughed through the technical side of doing that, is to reach out to potential readers. It seems that authors of all types need to blog, or have a website, to use social media and put themselves out there. This is the way things are, and as I said in another blog recently, traditional publishers are requiring their authors to be involved electronically in the same way.
One author produced chapters on his website for free, others have made YouTube their vehicle making audio books, it is all available to everyone. Some pin their flag to Facebook's mast; give copies of their work away free on sites such as Smashwords and Amazon; and, help budding authors by describing how to self-publish.

I began six years ago with the above novel, featuring Patrick A Steele. It had loads of issues, with formatting, it was not proofread, and seriously needs a new edition. One of these days, when I am not burning to write something new, I will reproduce this book.

If I was starting writing now I would have no issue with self-publishing, but would probably not spend time trying to acquire an agent then eventually a publisher. Things have changed.

God Bless