Thursday, 3 March 2016

Poetry Thursday 202 - Heinz 57 Varieties

In the midst of computer problems my router went down hence the delays in things like my blog. I had been writing poetry and these are three that came out!

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Leap Year Day

Watch out lads today’s the day
when women feel free to have their way,
to ask you to give unlimited access
to every blessed thing you possess.

If you say ‘yes’ you give them leave
to control all that you can achieve,
and have sway over your relaxation
deflecting peace with occupation.

Watch out for the cunning feminine ploy
of catching you unawares my boy.
A moments unguarded, naïve attention
can lead to a lifetime of submission.

The best advice for leap year day
is to make a purchase without delay,
of auricular stopples – ear plugs,
and quickly fit them in your lugs!
© David L Atkinson February 2016

I am not a regular contributor to poetry writing competitions but I entered one last year and received a published collection of works that were selected which didn't include any of mine. I concluded, after reading them through, that writing in regular rhyming verse is taboo hence the effort below.

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It would seem that
I’ve been wrong
all of the times regarding
writing poetry
that rhymes.
Its seems that one has to
produce words strewn
across the page in a
haphazard fashion which gladdens the eye
rather than shows the slightest semblance of form
or passion.
(Who uses the
word semblance anymore?)
It doesn’t appear that making sense
or enclosing a
hidden message
is considered praiseworthy.
© David L Atkinson March 2016

Sorry about the odd rhyme that slipped in the above.

The final effort was in response to some trendy, lefty, do-gooder liberals who want to remove tackling from the game of rugby.

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No Contact

Whatever you do don’t dare touch,
even though rules support as much.
Rugby is too tough for the players,
they should protect with copious layers.
Mind your head! Wear a skull cap,
then your ears will continue to flap.
Banging your head can cause concussion
parents eyes fill with emotion,
as blossoming offspring take to the field,
then run and tackle till victory’s revealed.

Perhaps the 21st century child,
is no longer tough, but meek and mild,
and physical contact sport first hand,
be played on a VR app, but in reality banned.
© David L Atkinson March 2016

God Bless