Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Poetry Thursday 203 - A view of Mother's Day and more #GeorgeMartin

The period of Lent is broken in two on Mothering Sunday and I've heard of different explanations for why it originated. My own thoughts are about the fact that as with Christmas, Easter and Halloween fiscal concerns have overtaken any spiritual or goodwill reasons.
Some may feel offended by the poem, I have no control over that, but there should be consideration for those old and young who are without their mam.


A sort of Mother’s Day

On occasion one just needs the time,
to legitimise one’s thoughts in rhyme,
and avoid the pitfalls of the day,
by taking oneself far away,
from cloying and sometimes false eruptions,
of Lent’s half time maternal disruptions.

It isn’t necessary that day to signify,
a situation that may no longer apply,
for some who, through death’s intervention,
have no physical representation,
for the emotional outpouring of childish love,
for her not at home, but forever above.
© David L Atkinson March 2016

In a change of mood another animal poem for your perusal.

Image result for tiger

Panthera Tigris

A pussy cat in striped pyjamas,
that will feed upon cows, sheep and llamas.
The ruler of his continent barring none,
who only wishes to be left alone.

A bright-eyed stealthily padding killer,
whose progress is a silent chiller,
moving at speed his stripes blur.
the progress of the endangered tiger.
© David L Atkinson March 2016

Writing poetry is a little like the weather. I have been of the opinion of myself that I could write on any subject, but over the years have learned that the rhythm of a poem, if you like, the quality, is enhanced from the input of emotion.

Image result for george martin record producer
George Martin RIP

A Beatle of an Epitaph

With George We Can Work It Out
through the day’s efforts Twist and Shout
Help and I Want to Hold Your Hand
to create the successful Beatles band.

Working Eight Days A Week, Here There 
and Everywhere, Across the Universe.

They could bring about a Revolution
with their musical contribution from
Back in the USSR
to Ob-la-Di, Ob-la-Da.

So A Day in the Life was so much better
when we did Hello, Goodbye and
Please, Please Me brought about the Helter Skelter.

When I’m Sixty Four and I Feel Fine but
all-in-all Tomorrow Never Knows what is to come,
and now you’re gone we ponder
While My Guitar Gently Weeps.
© David L Atkinson March 2016

God Bless