Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Poetry Thursday 204 - A Poetic World

Another week has rolled by and it has been one of more turmoil and expectation in government circles. Another budget, more arguments about the EU, and foreigners feeling they have a right to have their say about this issue. I felt that it was time for something a little more relaxing.

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Poetry World

If I could I’d build a world
of random things, of rhyming and timing.
A world of soft colours and pleasing shapes
that will wrap you and hold you in your need.
A world of toys and games for the old and the young,
the fearful and the bold,
that will help you fight your battles and keep you from harm,
protecting you from the daily swarm.
A world of animals and plants with plenty for all both big and small,
where loving them teaches of love and more
of peace and respect for what went before.
A world of art and music
and magic and fantasy
where to imagine and where to dream
bringing feelings - peace and happy.
A world of hope and expression,
of light, colour and gentle sounds,
of exciting days and reflective times.
© David L Atkinson March 2016

The slightly 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' feel to the blog today has nothing to do with lysergic acid or any other hallucinogenic. It is more to do with the need to escape from the daily grind of greyness interspersed with dark clouds and only the occasional glimpses of the sun.

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Melting Clocks

Time seems like a constant thing,
a measure consistent with metronomic beat,
but everyone can examples bring,
of occasions where regular time knows defeat.

Anticipation is a fickle influence
on time’s manic persuasion.
When happy making the seconds intense,
but when sad slows the measures progression.

Age stimulates a Dalian flow
to the measure of life’s passage.
When young the years are stately and slow,
but accelerate manically in one’s dotage.

© David L Atkinson March 2016

Allow your imagination to flow like Dali's melting clocks.

God Bless