Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Poetry Thursday 206 - Deep emotions

Writing about deep emotions, whether in a book or poem, is fraught with pitfalls. Some would say that you cannot do justice to the job if you haven't experienced that type of disturbance in your life, but that is an unnecessarily limiting position without proof. I will say it is easier if you have had gut-wrenching life experiences and the older you are the more likely that is to have happened.
Today's two poems delve into the troubled mind.

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Red Mist

Sat unsuspecting in gentle communion
with friends and acquaintances peaceful.
It begins with the smallest, familiar reunion
of mind, and memories dark and awful.

Or is it due to a chance uttered word
that reawakens an unwanted response,
beginning as the fluttering wings of a bird,
which goads a behavioural renaissance.

No benefit that this is the happy day
when the world is filled with smiling faces.
Celebrated with joyous music, and then we pray
for the life that God’s sacrifice gave us.

Surrounded by unfettered happiness,
and yet without being actually involved,
fuels the developing fire to furnace,
and time for action is resolved.

Exiting the cacophonous, cloying room,
releases pressure and cuts off the fuel,
from the ravenous, burgeoning canker worm
that threatens to embarrass the fool.

Extraction from overpowering bon homie,
the white feather’s way out perhaps,
or the greatest good for all present maybe,
and away from humanities traps.
© David L Atkinson March 2016

I have no wish to enlarge on the above any further.

The poem below is in the form of a sonnet which I wrote some time ago. It has been submitted to a poetry competition celebrating the current Shakespeare anniversary. The rules were simple in that it had to be a sonnet and the organisers want to know which sonnet inspired its writing. If you are interested you need to register with Writers and Authors and follow their requirements.

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Taking the sun in a foreign city
Heat and light reflecting the hell within
Looking for someone who can share pity
A bridge can offer solace from the pain
Is there no one who sees the tortured soul?
Can anyone plumb the depths of the pit?
How can existence continue its goal
When the depths in darkness remain unlit?
The way out is selfishness in extreme
Those left behind would be undeserving
There must be other ways to end the dream
Finality without blame adhering
It never happened because of others
Where is the solace from our brothers?
© David L Atkinson March 2016

God Bless