Saturday, 19 March 2016

Writing - 10 things we didn't know last week

I have passed on producing these blogs for a few weeks but was a little pushed for time and came across a collection that includes therapeutic llamas and fishing with pants.

Image result for youtube

1. YouTube was originally meant to be an online dating site.

They would have to change the name to protect the innocent.


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2. Llamas are certified therapy animals in Portland, Oregon.

Or should they be certified? They are bad tempered, rude and have a tendency to spit!


Image result for extra large handcuffs

3. There are special handcuffs for overweight suspects in New Zealand.

I happen to know that they are also having to construct special ovens at crematoria to accommodate the larger customer!


Image result for Tudor England travel

4. Travel abroad required special permission in Tudor England.

Some things just shouldn't change.


Image result for shipwrecks underwater

5. Around three million shipwrecks are resting on the ocean's floor.

That's a lot of rubbish!


Image result for wikipedia logo

6. Wikipedia has 80,000 monthly editors.

Hip hip hooray!


Image result for bartow fl vultures

7. A town in the US state of Virginia has been plagued by vultures for 30 years.

Health plans too expensive in Florida?


Image result for ben nevis summit

8. Ben Nevis is one metre higher than we thought.

I said it was bigger.


Image result for ww2 bomber crew ditch at sea

9. A WW2 bomber crew survived days at sea after using their pants as fishing nets.



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10. If you want to be happy you really should move to Denmark.

Don't be so bloody smug!!!!!!


God Bless