Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Writing - Here is the Book news

There seemed to be a few 'bits' of information that came into the news today which I feel is valuable to share with other writers. First of all the sad death of Anita Brookner (87).

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Anita Brookner (1928 - 2016)

Anita was a Booker Prizewinning author and art historian. Her prizewinning novel Hotel du Lac was published in 1984 and has always been her most popular book. She was a prolific writer producing a novel a year till the end of the 20th century when she began to slow down. She said that she didn't like writing fiction as it was rather like being on the end of a bad telephone line - 'but it's addictive.'
The flow of fiction came to an end with Leaving Home (2005), Strangers (2009) and an ebook novella, At the Hairdresser’s (2011). Her later, sparer novels were summed up by one reviewer as Beckett crossed with Mills and Boon.

I wish! RIP Anita Brookner

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Writers and Artists (writersandartists.co.uk)

This website produces interesting articles and competitions and has announced its short story competition short-listed authors this morning. Yours truly didn't get through to the final 10 but if you go to their competition page there are others in which you can enter.

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Wellcome Book Prize

This prize competition I find unusual in that it is very specific in the genre that it is promoting. Please read on.

The Wellcome Book Prize is an annual award, open to new works of fiction or nonfiction. To be eligible for entry, a book should have a central theme that engages with some aspect of medicine, health or illness. This can cover many genres of writing – including crime, romance, popular science, sci fi and history.
At some point, medicine touches all our lives. Books that find stories in those brushes with medicine are ones that add new meaning to what it means to be human. The subjects these books grapple with might include birth and beginnings, illness and loss, pain, memory, and identity. In keeping with its vision and goals, the Wellcome Book Prize aims to excite public interest and encourage debate around these topics.
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I am still ambivalent about writing competitions and I am not saying that because up to present I have failed dismally to achieve any level of success. In fact I don't enter them very often and only do so if I am in that frame of mind. When I do enter it is also because, with a limited level of success, one can include a sticker on book covers which can attract readers. Just me being mercenary!

So as I said at the start a mixed bag of writing news today.

God Bless