Thursday, 10 March 2016

Writing - Serendipity

Mam said that I should take more notice of my surroundings, even going so far as occasionally accusing me of walking around with my eyes shut. She wasn't being unkind but trying to stimulate my curiosity which she greatly succeeded with - eventually!
The result, apart from writing copiously, is an interest in a wide range of subjects. However, the rapid development in technology has encouraged curiosity in that with smartphones you can take photographs anywhere any time.

A Wooden Man

I was out driving through the countryside this morning when two sights triggered the almost Pavlovian response of whipping out my camera. The first was the above wooden man sitting on a fence. My apologies for the quality but today has been particularly dull.
Some may be asking why bother? A fair question. Well let me me pose some situations.

Where has the man been?

Is he jumping from the fence?

Are those arms outstretched to welcome someone?

Is he taking a break and from what?

Who created him? Why?

When I first saw the sculpture (?) I immediately thought - poem - but since have erred on the side of a short children's story. Now the second photograph.

Emley Moor mast

This TV mast is reckoned to be the tallest free-standing structure in the UK and that on a clear day there is no higher structure between it and the Ural Mountains in Russia. I can usually see it from my lounge window and at night it is a vertical ribbon of red light adorning a giant finger pointing towards the sky.
Today it was eerily half hidden by a combination of mist and low cloud. Once again it stimulated a reaction in the Atkinson creative gene.

Was it a pathway leading off into the distance?

Is it the trunk of a giant tree leading to a phantasmagorical kingdom? (In a sense as a TV transmitting mast - yes)

Could it be the supporting strut of a huge space craft?

The possibilities are endless if you allow your mind to work in that way.

God Bless