Saturday, 16 April 2016

10 things we didn't know last week

A varied collection for your entertainment this week.

Image result for Buzz Lightyears Driving Licences

1. You can get a UK driving licence if your name is Buzz Lightyear.

Apparently not the only cartoon driver I followed Dennis the Menace this morning!


Image result for campbell's chunky soup

2. US presidential contender Ted Cruz bought 100 tins of Campbell's Chunky soup immediately after his honeymoon.

Must have needed building up.


Image result for North Pole getting closer to London

3. The North Pole has been moving towards London since the year 2000.

Aye but it has to pass Yorkshire first!!!!

Image result for vinyl records

4. Nearly half of people who bought vinyl last month have yet to play it.

No machine to play it on?


Image result for parents can't tell when their children lie

5. Parents are worse at telling if their child is lying than complete strangers.

As a teacher I learned that years ago.


Image result for vladimir lenin

6. It costs 13m roubles (£140,000) a year to keep Vladimir Lenin's body embalmed.

Burn him!!!


Image result for octopus escapologists

7. Octopuses are surprisingly good escape artists.

Its all those arms.


Image result for sniffer dogs find cheese and sausage

8. Sniffer dogs detected no illegal drugs at Manchester Airport during one seven-month period, but one often found "small amounts of cheese or sausages".

Withdrawal symptoms.


Image result for Guardian writers

9. Of the Guardian's 10 most abused online writers eight are women, and the two men are black.


Image result for house of commons clerks

10. House of Commons clerks are unfamiliar with Scots usage of the word "mince".

Not the only ones.

God Bless