Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Poetry Thursday 207 - Pulling the wool

Having lived a few years, eventually you begin to notice things. For instance, that a piece of news seems to suggest that there has been corruption in high places. It is denied, the years pass by and the 30 year freedom of information act comes into force, and you discover there was corruption in high places. It isn't always the case but it all comes back to Edmund Burke.

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White Noise

The endless sound
of pointless prattle
hissing over meaningful talk
filling a room with its death rattle
driving sanity from conversation.
A seesaw of bodies
oscillating beneath the noise
testing the waters
exercising class and poise
but no one can hear.
Doesn’t anyone listen
as background grows globally
meaningless phrases thrown
into the air palpably
destroying intelligence.
© David L Atkinson April 2016

The next piece is written in the style of a sonnet but is far from being a love poem. It is unashamedly political but at the same time serious. This man who leads our country and claims to be a Christian continually introduces decisions that are for the benefit of the rich at the expense of the poor.

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Cameron’s God

How can we figure who a man worships
when he has wealth, position and power?
Perhaps the answer is in the parsnips,
or lurking within a cauliflower.
How can we trust his daily pronouncements
when there is no proof of veracity?
Could it be inbred tacit acceptance
seeded within your brain’s capacity?
How can we continue to take his word
when we don’t know the God to whom he talks?
It seems that promises are as absurd
as the directions on his mazy walks,
through public life and private Parthenon,
of Prime Minister David Cameron.
© David L Atkinson April 2016

God Bless