Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Poetry Thursday 208 - Ways of learning

The poetry I have written this week has come from two separate unrelated incidents that reflect human learning. The first from my grandson and the magic, that is a child acquiring skills and knowledge, even in its most basic form then building upon those acquisitions. The second is a contraction of a 75 minutes conversation in a new restaurant!

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Joy of Learning

We begin life’s journey with learning,
from the simplest act of study – to suck.
Human psyche imprinted with yearning,
afraid to leave everything to good luck.
Driven to first words to satisfy needs,
initial steps to widen boundaries.
The human animal plants the good seed,
of future development of kiddies.
Empty receptacles ready to fill,
schools for intellectual fulfilment.
Loving parents will fill the social bill,
all sides come together and compliment.
Young people our link to the future,
a duty to organise their nurture.
© David L Atkinson April 2016

This second offering is more of a conversation between three people. Even so one of us is learning a new job! Imagine the scenario - a customer, a head waiter and a novice waitress from Yorkshire.

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(a 3 way conversation)

A table for one good sir?
Yes please.
A drink while you wait good sir?
A beer from Holland please.
The menu for lunch sir?
Thank you.
Did tha want arf or a pint?
A pint thank you.
Are you ready to order sir?
Yes please.

There ya go suh – luks nice!
Does tha wan any sauce or vinegar?
No thank you
Jus ask if tha wants owt else.
Would you like to order dessert sir?
Yes please.
Would you like another drink sir?
No thank you.

There ya go suh!
Thank you.
Did tha enjoy it?
Yes thank you.
Aye its luverly!
Can I get you a coffee sir?
No thank you – just the bill please.
Did tha want owt else?
No thank you.
Thanks very much suh.
© David L Atkinson April 2016

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The second 'poem' - it is not exactly that - is the gist of a conversation over an hour and quarter at lunch today. Suffice it to say that the young Yorkshire lass who was waiting tables had not yet acquired the polish of the head waiter!

God Bless