Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Poetry Thursday 210 - Special lives

We have been reminded of the sacredness of life with the closure of the inquest 27 years after the Hillsborough - surely an intolerable wait. It spurred me to write the first poem.

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The train now arriving at platform 66
is the latest option towards Glory.
Calling at Scotland, Seaburn and London,
proceeding to platform 67 - hopefully.

Services provided en route include,
music, words and home-cooked meals.
It should be noted that this is the steady option.
Seats may be reserved – just ask – no special deals.

The train’s progress may be slowed by all kinds of snow,
or possibly leaves on the track.
Just relax, come with me and you will arrive,
but there are no guarantees of coming back.

Too early to produce the next schedule,
no certainty that the train will be running.
Please try again at the turn of the year,
when we’ll see if maintenance is still working.
© David L Atkinson April 2016

This second poem sprang from two sources, the celebration's of the Queen's 90th birthday and a poetry competition.

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Our Gracious Queen

God bless our gracious Queen,
long lived is our glorious Queen,
thank God for the Queen.

Alternatively a republic,
rulers picked by the public,
selecting a fiscal despotic.

A figurehead from history,
preferred to an elected mystery,
safer future for the country.
© David L Atkinson April 2016

God Bless