Monday, 25 April 2016

Tuesday Food Blog - Steak and Ale Pie, tap water, eating disorders and gorillas

My excuse for another pie was the fact that I had another roll of frozen pastry left over from last week. After considering various sorts I settled for Steak and Ale which was actually not a million miles away from last week's effort.

Steak and Ale Pie

It should be noted that the pie is finished off with greater smoothness than last week as I used the 'pastry brushes' that God provided me with!
There are some differences between last week's pie and the above. Firstly, there is the beer:-

Marston's Stout

Last week I used Idiot Juice, Rockin' Pop or Dog, produced by Scottish and Newcastle Breweries and more normally called Newcastle Brown Ale. Although it has brown in its title it is not a heavy beer. Marston's which I used this week is darker and heavier but it made cracking good gravy.

In some ways this was an easier meal to produce, less preparation time because there were no potatoes in the pie. Quite simple for a ham-fisted blunderer like myself.

Dished up.

I served the pie with glazed carrots and crushed new potatoes which are easy enough to produce. In the photograph above I love the glistening gravy, it was rich, thick and flavoursome and was simply the juices in which the meat was cooked. There was no water involved, just the meat juices, the de-glazing of the pan the onions were cooked in and a couple of teaspoons of gravy browning. For your information the onion was chopped and cooked in olive oil, butter, garlic and oregano. 

The cut of meat I chose was brisket and with plenty of marbling as, although it takes longer to cook and tenderise, it gives out more goodness and flavour. It is ideal for slow cooking in casseroles and similar.

Food Bollocks

I make no excuse for the title. There is so much utter rubbish talked about food these days I feel for anyone bringing up a family. As a member of the baby boomer generation who had to buy fresh, seasonal and grow our own vegetables, I despair at times on the advice coming from so-called experts on what we should or, more frequently, should not eat. This week has been no exception.

Image result for bottled water

First was the idea that restaurants should offer tap water as opposed to sugar laden drinks with their meals. I personally haven't been in a restaurant that has refused to serve tap water if asked.

Then from Japan,

Image result for eating disorders

they are failing to cope with people suffering from eating disorders. I know eating disorders are a problem but once again they are very modern. Perhaps if we spent more time feeling good about themselves there would be fewer problems with what we eat and fewer cosmetic alterations to our bodies which cost nations millions.

Finally, overweight gorillas:-

Image result for overweight gorilla gives birth

A gorilla gave birth in Prague Zoo which astounded keepers as she had miscarriages and was overweight. Perhaps she was just pregnant! Besides if she was overweight whose fault is that? Who feeds her?

God Bless