Sunday, 10 April 2016

Writing - The fight goes on

The UK governments austerity programme doesn't just bring hardship to individuals but also to local authorities and the services that they offer. I have written about the fight to keep public libraries open and came across this example today.

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Carnegie Lambeth Library

A nine-day occupation of a south London library has ended, only hours before those inside were due to be evicted.
Campaigners for the "Defend the 10" group have been inside Carnegie Library in Loughborough Junction since 31 March, the day it was closed for a year.
Lambeth Council said its plans would "guarantee" the library's future.
The Carnegie and Minet libraries officially closed for a year on 1 April. The council said they would reopen in 2017 with a gym as "healthy living centres".

The plan is to have gymnasium facilities in the buildings as well as a free library service.
A council spokesman said,
"It means we can now concentrate on spending our scarce resources on services instead of security, including developing the plans which will guarantee Carnegie Library's future.
"Carnegie will reopen with a library service that will remain free and open to all."
The authority added none of its 10 libraries were closing and the gym will be in the unused basement of the building.

It sounds like good news on the face of it as long as the social aspect of libraries is maintained.

The occupiers, including children and pensioners, were given 24 hours to leave from the point the order was served at 17:30 on Friday.
Campaigners said more than 2,000 people joined a march which began at Carnegie Library, passing by Minet Library before ending at Brixton Library, where a rally was held.
One protester, 11-year-old Denise, said: "Libraries are about more than books, they let people meet one another."

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The really gratifying aspect of the above is the indisputable drive for people of all ages to want to save their libraries. There will always be a need for a free source of books and as a writer that is simply the best news.

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December 2015

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