Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Poetry Thursday 211 - Earth Power

Some weeks when I write poetry 'it just comes out'! This week I was pondering how poetry becomes and read that you can generate it by reading others' poetry, looking at striking images and adopting a prescriptive type of poem. Those things work okay and undoubtedly the two below came from some stimulus but I can't identify that source for the moment.
In fact the first could be a result of constant bombardment on green matters.

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Earth will fight back

The sun decorates an ice blue denim sky,
the ubiquitous air seems clean and breathable.
There is a threat in the beauty.

Peoples’ pleasures and work engines,
emit foul pestilence and rancour,
haphazardly created invisible toxins.

Survival in our hands or the trees?
Stop the thoughtless, careless murder,
protect the work of butterflies and bees.

Money should not be the dominant force,
big business actions must be recanted,
damage won’t repair with penniless remorse.

So stop the senseless, endless tipping,
reduce the business emitted excrement,
forget the plans to introduce fracking.

The Earth and atmosphere will fight back,
our environment will create a device,
stop before our sky turns permanent black,
and mankind pays the inevitable price.
© David L Atkinson May 2016

This poem came from an overheard comment about personal power.

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You are powerful

Believe in you for your own sake,
take your own decisions,
life the sum total of what you make.
Don’t look back – no time for revision.

Questions should have your own answers,
don’t let others force you to equivocate.
Say what you think and take your chances,
use buckets of tact to continue to relate.

For happiness be your own person,
be unfailingly kind and supportive,
remain strong in your conviction,
and smile when disaster is courted.
© David L Atkinson May 2016

God Bless