Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Poetry Thursday 212 - An Orchestral Suite

This is in some respects a first attempt at a group of related poems. I have seen competitions that allow for the inclusion of such groups but haven't been motivated by any subject to produce such work until now. I was watching the Young Musician of the Year Awards and was totally captivated by the teenagers' talent. It reminded me of twenty years of standing behind a variety of orchestras waiting for cues to sing, and I began to write.

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An Orchestral Suite

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from Strings

The bow irritates the metal cords
into a vibrating, tuneful life,
causing waves to radiate out from boards.

Control comes with practise and time
the beauty grows in the amalgam
of skill, composition and rhyme.

Beauty exudes from every pore,
the composers’ art and the players’ heart,
overwhelming the audience with notes from the score.

The music – a language of pure sound,
drawn from paper, an art from above,
thrust into the air and all around,
developed and produced with love.
© David L Atkinson May 2016

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from Orifices

Air driven notes pushed through holes,
by the will and the lights,
along pathways long or short – touching souls.

A jet stream carrying sound,
changing with length and girth,
resonating as it twists and turns around.

Squeezed into an imperfect instrument,
matched with God driven writing,
an aurally perfect complement.

Instruments constructed from everything,
that can be ridden, handled or sat inside,
all with the same potential spring,
which when right invites you on the ride.
© David L Atkinson May 2016

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from Violence

Hard to imagine beauty emanating from blows,
from hitting, scratching and rattling,
beating materials held in serried rows.

When treated more gently it is amber,
little pain inflicted but making subtlety,
resonating deep within the listening chamber.

Capable of massive din and gentle whisper,
the players’ skill is interpretation,
from a gentle pace or something swifter.

Taken from human delight in beating,
but accepting control and care,
well-aimed and timed striking,
brings out the beauty within there.
© David L Atkinson May 2016

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from Metal

A collection assembled to be strident,
smaller in number because of potential,
producing wide ranging content.

Capable of pushy, farting power,
but little in the way of gentleness,
an eager to be heard bright flower.

Playing at orders from the soul,
in controversial and alarming style,
sometimes a Marmite flavoured role.

These instruments test who is in charge,
their playing can inflict player pain,
once set free their sound is large,
and one must find control again.
© David L Atkinson May 2016

God Bless