Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Poetry Thursday 213 - Sing of Spring

Having produced words on the major sections of the orchestra last week, and having been involved in music as a singer since my teenage years, it would be remiss of me to omit singing from the suite.

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from Lungs

The capability of every person,
a ubiquitous facility to produce sound,
not always in successful fashion.

No rules on size or shape,
the sound floats out on the breath,
carried into the musical landscape.

Capable of soporific gentleness,
or strident and piercing power,
control is part of our humanness.

Songs and arias composed to entertain,
singers are unlimited in their choice.
The end product as varied as drops of rain,
and the subtlety of the human voice.
© David L Atkinson May 2016

Then of course it is the season of Spring and it would be remiss of me to not make some comment.

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Pollen beetles thrive,
new life in the hive,
more work in the cemetery,
even more than in memory.

New chicks stretch wings,
green shoot awakenings,
farmers moan over extra work,
never a time for labour to shirk.

New lambs and kids gambol,
the thirst for life a mad scramble.
People long for the warmer weather,
but beware of its changeable nature.

It feels like a new beginning,
beating Winter – a sense of winning,
the glorious start the sun can bring,
as the eyes open upon the Spring.
© David L Atkinson May 2016

God Bless