Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Poetry Thursday 214 - To Frack or Spin

There's been a number of contentious issues on the political scene this week including fracking and EU referendum. I confess Shakespeare gave me a helping hand.

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To Frack

To Frack or not to Frack?
That is the question.
Whether it is right to take all
from the Earth for increased revenue
or to bend to the will of those
who care more for our noble planet than money.
But those who oppose the Frack
may not take up arms against them
and so end it – as they may feel.
They are the ones to suffer the results,
the trembling planet, and poisoned water
that result in future deaths.

The Frack will not suffer the future troubles
that they will instigate by their actions.
They will sleep safe in their luxury beds
perchance to dream of bigger profits.
Aye! There’s the rub.
They will sleep safe.
Yorkshire’s councils will sail the sea of troubles
they have allowed in their naiveté.
Not the Frack that bears the whips and scorns of time.
The oppressors are wrong.
The protesters grunt and sweat under a weary life
and with unheard voices,
but live with the dread of early deaths of offspring
and those under the Frack’s thrall.
The Frack will deflect blame on to other shoulders,
but by some all their sins remembered.
© David L Atkinson May 2016

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When is the truth true?
Do we have to wear ear filters
so that we don’t rue
superficial interpretation of matters.

Why do politicians disrespect,
hiding the facts with spin.
The people have a right to expect
to be given all truths within.

What is the purpose of the media dance
when it causes such confusion?
Those who represent take a chance
in misleading the voting population.
© David L Atkinson May 2016

This second poem is a protest against the wall-to-wall humbug that

we are suffering at the hands of politicians and the media.

God Bless