Monday, 23 May 2016

Tuesday Food Blog - Chilli with crushed potato topping

On my continuing search for variety and the need to use up, not because I'm strapped for cash but more as a result being born shortly after the Second World War.

Chilli with crushed potatoes

The meat layer in this 'pie' is a standard chilli sauce with no hidden or extra tricks other than a couple of squares of dark chocolate. However, I was looking for a use for a bag of Jersey Royal new potatoes that had been in the cupboard for a couple of days and researched potato toppings. There were several uses of crushed new potatoes and so I opted for that as opposed to serving with rice.

Crushed new potatoes

Place the potatoes in salted cold water, bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Drain, crush with a fork, and then stir in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.
Pour the meat sauce into an oven proof dish then carefully place the potatoes on top of the meat, rather than packing it on top. Drizzle the topping with a small amount of olive oil. This allows the potatoes to crisp up. Place in a preheated oven 200 degrees C.

The nature of this meal is more Anglicised with the potatoes but every bit as tasty as in the more Mexican version.

Food Bollocks

Image result for a balanced diet chart
A Balanced Diet

This is the sort of balanced diet chart that I was educated to believe was correct. All quite simple and based upon the biological nature of humans. Now of course we are warned off the fats which includes dairy products, and proteins in the form of meat are seriously frowned upon. UNTIL TODAY!
The National Obesity Forum, great name for a food centred charity, have come up with the idea that promoting low-fat food has had 'disastrous health consequences'! Of course Public Health England are up in arms about the report calling it 'dangerous and irresponsible' but I refer you back to the pie chart (what a name!) above. Human beings need fat in their diet, we are biologically capable of digesting or storing the stuff.
The fuss that has been created is quite funny with all of the pinch faced, half starved health nuts trying to muster the energy to huff and puff over the report. There is a collection of evidence that there is some truth in what the NOF have produced. At a surgery somewhere in the darkest north of England doctors have reduced the carbohydrate, and increased the fat intake of some diabetic and blood pressure patients who have lost weight and are off the meds. It has saved the practice £45 000 in one year in the medications bill.
In this part of my blog I have featured items that would support the NOF as what they are actually against are artificially enhanced foods supposedly better for you than natural stuff. I judge that they would prefer you to use butter rather than margarine for example. If you recall the latter is only 3 molecules different from plastic. I believe that my mother's advice of everything in moderation just about covers the whole situation.
Personally, I know that the only time I lost weight was when I ate normally but cut out potatoes and bread. Even then, and I was running 25 miles a week, I only got down to 12.5 stones which was still over a stone more than recommended by BMI. My point is that all of these bodies are promoting the average when in fact we require individual attention if we have a problem not medication to get us to that average. 

God Bless