Monday, 30 May 2016

Tuesday Food Blog - Pork, chorizo and chick pea casserole

A rich meaty casserole with a touch of fire was what I required for the weekend. It also had to include vegetables but not so much in the way of carbohydrate. Not an easy aim but I think this casserole gets close. 

P, C casserole

Not PC in terms of suiting the veggie luvvies who would have us grazing on the grass alongside cows and sheep, but in terms of a balanced diet. I mention carbohydrates because potatoes and bread I love but do me no good, so chick peas, carrots, tomatoes and red pepper with the onion. Undoubtedly good for you. My base for cooking was olive oil which is usually approved of by those who say they know!

On the plate with crushed new potatoes

I couldn't resist the crushed new potatoes but this meal would go well with tacos, chapatis, naan, crusty french bread or whichever bread you prefer. It could be served with rice or pasta but I don't think it would be as relevant.

As usual the full recipe, which is simple to follow, is on the Recipe Tab at the top of this page.

God Bless