Saturday, 7 May 2016

Writing - 10 things from April

Some weird and wonderful animal stuff this week as well as equally weird human stuff.

Image result for borrowers

1. The Borrowers would be deaf, virtually blind and need to wear extremely thick coats.

Given that they are living in a dusty environment they probably suffer from asthma and hayfever but then as they are fictitious - whatever!


Image result for a royal hamster

2. A hamster called Marvin belongs to the Royal household.

As well as the dogs, cats and every other creature they have been given or that has crawled into their dwellings.


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3. The Orcadian island of Mama Westray doesn't exist, but it has a very professional-looking tourist brochure.

Very creative.


Image result for labrador

4. Labradors might be hard-wired to overeat.

Me too but the doctors don't believe me!


Image result for cycling in doha

5. Cycling is always the best option for your health in London, but not in Dehli, Doha or Karachi.

Its good healthy exercise wherever you are.


Image result for Spanish bishops

6. Spanish bishops consider it a sin to illegally download films.

'Shhh! Don't tell his Holiness that I downloaded Fast and Furious 7!


Image result for air rage

7. Air rage is more common on flights with a first-class cabin.

A better class of rage.

Image result for crying

8. There aren't enough people in the world to literally cry a river, but if each cried 55 tears they could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

This is daft but surely it depends on the size of the river. If you filled a couple of swimming pools then drained them down a water course would that not constitute a river?


Image result for crocodile eyes

9. Crocodile eyes are fine-tuned for lurking.

This is not a croc its the wife.


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10. Two-dollar bills are legal tender in the US, but not everybody knows that.

Send them to me!


God Bless