Sunday, 22 May 2016

Writing - 10 things from last week

There are some seriously crazy ideas in this weeks news, plus the mundane of no interest variety.

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1. British artists accounted for one in every six LPs sold worldwide last year

Quality always floats to the top


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2. Green light can help migraine sufferers

Wouldn't that depend upon the type of green light?


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3. The Chinese government fabricates nearly 490 million social media posts every year

So that's what they're all doing!

Image result for pedestrian sticking to cars

4. Google is patenting a "sticky" technology so that pedestrians who get hit by self-driving cars will stick to them rather than bounce off

A little like a 'person vacuum'


Image result for noise pollution

5. Heathrow airport has an annual points-based "noise budget"

Which it overspends upon everyday.


Image result for Mars

6. Mars was once devastated by 50-metre high tsunamis

Until God pulled the plug on the water


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7. The spice turmeric may help stave off dementia

You'll end up with a lot of yellow sane people.


Image result for living with parents

8. Fifty percent of 30-year-olds in Greece and Bulgaria live with their parents

We're getting there!


Image result for religious people watching porn

9. People who watch porn more than once a week are likely to be more religious than those who watch it only a couple of times a month

Is that because they watch it religiously? I'll never look at our congregation in the same light ever again.


Image result for artisanal crab cakes

10. Artisanal marijuana crab cakes have been developed in the US

At last I can cut down on the sweet stuff man!


God Bless