Sunday, 29 May 2016

Writing - Last 10 things for May

There are some strange examples of human behaviour in this week's collection.

Image result for dense male leg hair

1. Paul McCartney used to get his girlfriend's mother to comb his leg hair.

There's something sexual about that which is rather weird.


Image result for real tennis

2. The oldest world title in sport is for real tennis and it dates back to 1740.

Probably held by some Lord or Count or Prince!


Image result for dangerous school run

3. The world's most dangerous school run may be in south-western China, where children have to climb down an 800m cliff.

In the UK sending kids to school unsupervised is as risky as it gets.


Image result for Mongol invasion rained off

4. The Mongol army probably gave up invading Europe in the 13th Century because of the wet weather.

Wish would-be immigrants would think along the same lines.


Image result for 8 inch floppy disk

5. US nuclear weapons are controlled using eight-inch floppy disks.

They're under control! Wow!


Image result for sergey lazarev

6. The Russian Eurovision singer Sergey Lazarev has launched his own range of dog food.

Sounds a little rough to me.


Image result for Gordon Brown viking

7. Gordon Brown is descended from Vikings.

Most of us were but not all Vikings were idiots.


Image result for hodor

8. The Game Of Thrones character Hodor's name actually means "Hold the door".

A dialectic corruption.


Image result for misogynistic females

9. Half of all misogynistic tweets posted on Twitter come from women, a study suggested.

Doesn't surprise me as many women spend time moaning at themselves in the mirror.


Image result for monks of mount athos

10. The monks of Mount Athos shun female animals - except for cats.

Do they shun all cats and not just the females?


God Bless