Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Writing - Where will your pen take you?

I read my writing friend's (Caleb Pirtle III) blog yesterday and it was rather like a set of word association test results and fascinating. The title above may suggest that I'm thinking about what happens when you've written your book had it accepted, printed, marketed and sold. Where do you go with the money? That isn't why I'm writing today.

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Whoever wrote the word association above had a similar appetite to me! I'm not writing about food but characters leading you by the hand.

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Caleb Pirtle III

What I believe that Caleb was writing about was this tendency for characters to leap from the page on which you created them, take you by the hand, and lead you to a place that you had no hand in planning. Caleb has written 70+ books and is much braver than I, but I must agree that you need to allow the characters to have their heads once they are alive.

This has matched where I am with my tenth Steele novel which is in fact the 11th full length book that I've written. This one is slightly different in that there is a political element and a conspiratorial feel that seems to have slowed the progress for Patrick Steele. He is a man of action and would have loved to have made this a short story but it certainly isn't that, but the experience for my lead character is difficult. So that has thrown glitches in the normally action packed path on which Patrick travels, so what is he thinking?

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Building 7

Patrick has been persuaded that Building Seven was destroyed separately to the Twin Towers on 9/11. The question is why and what can he do about it?

In Patrick's mind it is yet another example of security agency interference in the political life of the USA. The full extent is revealed to him by someone who had been inside the security establishment on 9/11. It seems that those people were in action once again intending to influence the outcome of the current Presidential Primaries and as a result he felt the need to become involved as the rights of ordinary people were being infringed.

Steele has had a degree of success in his initial machinations but the problem isn't going away because it is seated high up in the political community of the USA. So what is in his head?

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Patrick A Steele

Initially, to go home.
To escape the US with anonymity. 
To ensure the health and safety of Naomi Kobayashi.
To protect Janie as she recovers from an attempted assassination.
To cull those involved in trying to 'fix' the democratic process in the US.

These are some of the bigger issues that are bothering our leader but he is also pondering getting married to his fiance, Naomi; concerned about the well-being of the people who work with him; worried about the rising feelings of guilt when he has to remove someone from the planet irrespective of how evil they may be; and, how to live a life that includes the constant threat of avoiding getting caught.

So for the hero in these ten books things aren't always easy. When he makes a decision and moves situations forward, like all of us in the concrete world, there are increasing pressures. Read Steele and see if you can detect where he will go next.

God Bless