Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Poetry Thursday 217 - Poetry for fun

I have often written about poetry being an outlet for human emotions and there are plenty of heart searching, depressive and disturbed examples of such poetry. There are many who write about the breakdown of love and family loss but poetry can also be fun. On occasions I have produced more amusing pieces and thought that it was time to have another lighter Thursday while remaining topical.

It is useful sometimes to link poetry and music; in some ways they're inextricably connected, and this week I begin with a poem that can be sung along to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic

Image result for Remain v Brexit

The Referendum Skirmish
(sung to the tune The Battle Hymn of the Republic)

We have warned them on economy
and how much it would cost.
Told them of a Brexit spending spree
based on what we’ll have lost.

We have shown the people’s future
and created fear and more,
said turn from the exit door.

Glory, glory hallelujah!
Remain are simply lying too ya!
There won’t be any third world war
or a broken old UK,
just the future in a different way.

We have talked of immigration
and of jobs that are no more,
have told them of the waiting times,
and queues at the NHS door.

We’ve created our own integers
to try and even the score,
said go through the exit door.

Glory, glory hallelujah!
Brexit are simply lying too ya!
There won’t be any third world war
or a broken old UK,
just the future in a different way.
© David L Atkinson June 2016

When I had written this I felt that the final line of the chorus is my message.

This next poem is a happy illustration from my memory about my father who was an engineer. I have a son just like him.

Got it wrong again Dad

No matter how I try
Doesn’t make any difference
Changing direction doesn’t work
Nothing moves me forward
Tightening hasn’t worked
Adding oil just made me drop it
Quietly and I was still heard
Softly and I was ignored
Bumping them together a disaster
No better going faster
He took it from my hands
Gave it a subtle twist
The one thing I hadn’t tried
Got it wrong again Dad.
© David L Atkinson June 2016

The one thing I remember was that irrespective of how simple the task I'd failed to carry out he always gave me that benign grin.

Image result for ill in bed

Not on solid ground

Tuesday dawned as Tuesdays will
to find the poor lad proper ill.
Before, the world a steadier place
had now, of stability, little trace.
The floor at once flat, has spongy parts
that make simple walking, a trickier art.
Even the bed, once solid and firm,
tilts alarmingly at the slightest squirm.
Once Thursday finally appears
perhaps the nurse will fix his ears.
© David L Atkinson June 2016

God Bless