Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Poetry Thursday 218 - Poetry old and new

More poetry has been given special status by UNESCO in the last twenty four hours.

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The Exeter Book

The granting of such status elevates this collection of poetry and riddles to a similar level as The Book of Kells, The Diary of Anne Franck and Magna Carta. It has been housed in Exeter Cathedral's library for almost a millennium. The book was the gift of Exeter's first bishop, Leofric in the 11th century and contains forty poems. I include a sample riddle with no apology for the subject matter!

Riddle 44 - from the Exeter Book Riddles

A wondrous thing hangs by a man's thigh,
under its lord's clothing. In front there is a hole.
It stands stiff and hard. It has a good home.
When the servant raises his own garment
up over his knee, he wants to greet
with his dangling head that well-known hole,
of equal length, which he has often filled before.

Q. What am I?

The answer is at the end of this blog.

Then of course we have had a celebration day for father's in the UK. It was amazingly good for me as I had all three children along with my grandson in attendance. A super day.

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Father’s Day

Here for a season
Granted the gift of children
Enough of a reason
For life we are given
© David L Atkinson June 2016

Then there was my healthy discovery which will figure in future meals that I prepare.

Pak Choi

A gracefully formed green frond
atop a pale, lined support,
wearing curving, balanced lines,
a thing of beauty I had bought.

Yet not its true purpose,
a piece of vegetable art.
More serendipitous I suppose
when gladdening the eye in part.

The function of the gentle, pak choi
is neither vulgar or rude
but an accompanying meal alloy,
this beneficial food.
© David L Atkinson June 2016

And finally your answer to the 1000 year old riddle.

A. A key