Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Poetry Thursday 219 - A political epic

I would be remiss in failing to produce something on the momentous political decision made by the British people this week. Poetry was used by the Ancients to relate battles and other huge events. It follows that last week's events would also fit the form. 

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Carol Ann Duffy - poet laureate

I actually used the form that our poet laureate adopted when she wrote her poem History which I advise you to look up. It is superb.

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a made up word
covering parturition, splitting, dividing,
from what sort of body?
A long membership contested
with little love.

I was there
when it all began,
when we joined up, dragged in
kicking and screaming – a reluctant teen
forced to a party where they’d
rather not be seen.

An early question
we were more certain then,
it was a seven day market,
a place to buy and sell,
everyone doing well,
not the farmers.

not the fishermen,
quotas was an in word,
a buzz word, then wine lakes,
butter mountains and others.
Strange geographical foods.

excesses given away,
butter for your toast,
off to the Russian breakfast table.
All the time we railed, moaned,
unpopular with the French
too liberal hearted.

out of the blue
talk of MEPs and Commissioners
now it was paper mountains
thousands of words to sell cabbages,
tens for the Lord’s Prayer.

but we no longer agreed.
Tory fear of UKIP and
an ill-conceived election promise
to stave off ignominious defeat,
a cloudy crystal ball.

a European junket
the captain cruising capitals
twenty seven pointless visits making promises
he couldn’t keep to people
who didn’t care. Then
the actioned promise.

a bluff called
weeks of lies and counter lies
vicious attitudes between former friends
stupid claims and counter claims,
then a catastrophic event.
Jo Cox RIP

Would it?
She would’ve Remained.
given the chance of seeing the end
a force for good
lost to us

The vote
none believed in a Leave outcome,
those battling for that included,
were shocked, astounded, it couldn’t be
but why, where had they gone right?
What next?

No plans
campaigners not leaders.
So where have they all gone?
a scarlet pimpernel epidemic,
in lieu of positive action, happy French,
leaving do.

© David L Atkinson June 2016

God Bless