Monday, 27 June 2016

Tuesday Food Blog - Tuna steak, pak choi and fried rice

It may seem like more of the same but I have really taken to pak choi and I do love fish of any description. On top of that I also enjoy my version of egg fried rice.

Tuna steak, pak choi and fried rice

Now this is quite a healthy meal even though there is egg fried rice. The pak choi is simply steamed and the tuna is seared in olive oil for two minutes each side.

Until the summer of 1987 the only tuna I'd ever seen was the sort that came from a tin and then not very frequently as Mam preferred tinned salmon. Those with more culinary experience may be sneering right now but my background is seriously working class even though I've written ten books, oceans of poetry and have a degree. Life in the 50's, 60's and 70's was much simpler than in the 21st century. More of that later. Tuna was mixed with mayonnaise and dolloped on bread for sandwiches but while holidaying in France a friend bought and barbecued tuna steaks. 

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raw tuna steak

It doesn't look like fish in the form of a steak and when cooked it is quite meaty although unmistakably fish. It isn't cheap. I paid almost £5 for one steak although it served two meals.
The recipe I followed suggested that the tuna be seared for two minutes on each side in oil. I seasoned both sides of the fish, made sure the oil was very hot in the pan, was brave and cooked as described. It was beautiful.

Egg fried rice

The simplest way to prepare this dish is to boil the rice and drain. Fry spring onions, sweet corn and peas in oil seasoning well, and when the onions have softened stir in the pre-cooked rice. Make a space at the side of the pan and break an egg into the space. Pull the rice and vegetable mixture through the egg stirring vigorously to ensure the rice etc is well mixed with the egg. Keep the heat on high and continue to stir.
Serve and enjoy.

God Bless