Saturday, 25 June 2016

Writing - 10 things we didn't know last week

Bear behaviour, beer tokens and underwear stealing kites

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1. Listening to Mozart can lower blood pressure as much as cutting salt from your diet.

And is free!


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2. Albania awards diplomatic passports to its international football players.

In preparation for joining the EU


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3. The world's oldest pay cheque was a beer token.

I was always after being paid in beer tokens.


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4. Some bears use humans as bodyguards.

I want one!


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5. Heavy exposure to Disney princesses makes little boys more likely to share their toys and little girls more likely to have stereotypical attitudes about gender.

That's why!


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6. Red kites in Scotland steal underwear to make nests.

Smelly man!


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7. Trevor Nunn has directed every one of Shakespeare's plays

Well done Trevor.


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8. Every sperm whale alive today descended from one, "Eve", from 80,000 years ago.

What she do to 'Adam'? 


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9. Elderly monkeys choose to have fewer friends.

I have old friends that look a little like this one.


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10. Some genes carry on working after we die.

I know. I have to trap mine in the wardrobe at night to stop them patrolling my apartment.


God Bless