Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Writing - Context of stories

Interesting Presidential election in the states, a woman versus an extremist. Things are hotting up over the EU referendum in the UK and the Euros football competition begins in a few days. Wow what a June this is!

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Flaming June

I have written about context on previous occasions but I thought that I'd share my current position in Building 7, my current Steele novel. Without divulging the plot my two central characters, Patrick Steele and Naomi Kobayashi are in New York looking for a protagonist. I could have left the information about being in New York at a minimum but I wanted to build the scene more fully.

At this point I must reiterate the need to empathise with the characters. Have you ever been in a situation where it was late at night, raining, yellow street lights reflecting on surfaces and how did you feel? The articulation of how you felt in that situation is of value in description of what the characters in your story are experiencing.

Steele and Kobayashi are looking for a specific place where they believe their enemy is housed. To enhance the context I have used the internet, specifically Google Earth, to put myself on the street on which my attention is fixed. I have been to New York and so have experienced the city in some degree. The computer has helped me to be specific about what my characters are seeing and therefore adds truth to what I am giving the readers. I believe that it is important to commit as much realism as is possible, even in fiction writing. It gives the recipient concrete ground on which to stand while observing the action of the story they are reading.

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As the two walk along Lexington, the wetness of the pavement and the reflection of street lights in the standing pools of water are both an advantage and a disadvantage to the couple. They are concerned about being observed and so the rain is an advantage but at the same time they are almost alone in the streets and therefore noticeable.

I leave it there as Patrick and Naomi approach the focus of their attention.

God Bless