Friday, 17 June 2016

Writing - Inspiration from the natural world

There seems to be a fascination with two aspects of story and film that has pertained for a number of years:-
'What if ...' and 'plagues of animals'
There have been plagues of spiders, snakes and apes in both books and films going back a number of years, and they tend to be very popular. The most recent I believe is Snakes on a Plane which is another facet of this genre, the incidents tend to be localised. In real life there is a regular migration that could well tickle the writing muscle of a number of writers who work in this field.

Image result for giant spider crab
Macrocheira kaempferi

There is a plague of monsters that gathers on the south coast of Australia when the water cools. They are believed to do so for mating or moulting reasons as when they are moulting they are vulnerable to predators. It just seems that this year the swarm is particularly huge and has attracted a deal of attention down under.

Image result for giant spider crab swarm

One of the common facets of writing such stories is the attribute of the need to kill humans, which of course is largely fictitious, applied to such harmless creatures as spiders and birds.

Anyone with a minimum of imagination can see these creatures deciding to leave the sea and begin to feast off the inhabitants of the opulent beach houses sitting on the beaches of South Australia.

Image result for beach house 

When producing stories like this there is usually a reason for previously harmless animals to begin attacking the human population. These days it could be genetic mutation, genetically modified crops, an effect of global warming or pollution, or a really angry crab; whichever no one should be pissing off crabs as large as the one in the photo at the top of this blog.

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The final scene in the story can be amusing, as in Evolution, ranging to terrifying, as in that final walk through the birds in the film of the same name directed by Hitchcock.

In the end the author has the power to choose which direction a story will take and that is the power no other can surpass.

God Bless