Thursday, 2 June 2016

Writing - Standing on shoulders

If I have seen further than others then it has been by standing on the shoulders of giants - Isaac Newton

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An interesting statement and indicative of the way we use other human beings to develop our own sight. We do not operate in isolation, most of the time, even when we are walking alone along a busy street we connect with other perfect strangers. If there is an obstruction that you can't see you react when the people in front start to change path to avoid whatever it is. 
In meetings we align our thoughts and ideas alongside those with which the majority seem to be comfortable, obviously depending upon the situation.
When it comes to writing we familiarise our actions in line with the way others think and behave. We use social media to collect people around us whom we feel have similar attributes to ourselves. We share ideas, criticisms and advice.

If we see further by using the information received by our friends then we too are standing on the shoulders of others.

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December 2015

 My hero was created post recession and so has no concept of how 'good' things were pre-2008. In 'I Have To Get It Right' when he began to flex his muscles he was working in an accountant's office. Then after the Gurentai took him under their wing and removed all of his financial worries, it was justice that was his major concern. He did become involved in international relations in 'The 51st State' but it was for the maintenance of a respectful distance between countries, rather than economic reasons. His trips into the USA had repercussions which can be read about in 'The Biter Bit' but then by the time things began to change in 2011 and the recession was really biting, Steele was trying to make sense of the state of the nation in 'A Changed Reality' and coming up against some really nasty people taking advantage of the shortage of money. By the time the USA are out of their recession Steele's steps are still being dogged by an unknown enemy from the same country. In 'Inceptus' we also find out more about what makes the man tick. The most recent Steele book 'Castled' where Steele is once again at risk from unseen enemies. It would seem that he has become quite recession proof!
The most recent addition to the Steele family is Earth plc in which our hero is concerned with political and emotional issues in this crime fighting adventure.

All books are available in paperback or ebook through Amazon, Smashwords and all good book shop websites.

This is a dystopian story that hinges directly on the state of the nation as a result of fiscal mismanagement. Having said that it is more a story of human relations, privations, love and loss.

Poetry - there are also two thoughtful collections of poetry available solely through Amazon.


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