Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Poetry Thursday 220 - A man lying on a wall

I did something today I've been promising myself to do for some little while. I went to Salford Quays on the outskirts of Manchester and had a look round the L S Lowry gallery.

I enjoy art immensely and have always appreciated L S Lowry but today I found a couple of paintings that were unfamiliar and thought provoking.
In fact the Pit Tragedy is particularly poignant as both of my grandfathers died as a result of accidents in coal mines.

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Pit Tragedy 1919

Pit Tragedy

Standing in groups, faces forlorn,
at the call of the dread sound.
The shrill heralding that something’s gone wrong
deep beneath the ground.

Living in the possibility of disaster,
a daily fear for the loved ones,
not showing it - a skill they master,
when to the mines go their sons.

It lies in their souls as a serpent,
waiting to strike unannounced.
for the roof fall, death in an instant,
the burgeoning threat has pounced.

Families broken by tragedy,
working so close to hell,
relying on a warning canary
to keep them safe and well.
© David L Atkinson July 2016

The next poem sprang from another of Lowry's works

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Man Lying on a Wall

A Man Lying on a Wall

A man lying on a wall,
not afraid he’s going to fall,
rather needs to take time out
and wonder what his life’s about.

A man lying on a wall,
pondering the reasons for it all,
why his life turned out this way,
and how he copes from day to day.

A man lying on a wall,
has no wish to go on at all,
decides perhaps to stay where he is,
and let time slip by in a haze.

A man lying on a wall,
letting weighty responsibility fall,
feels his spirit rising whole,
once again freeing his soul.
© David L Atkinson July 2016

God Bless