Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Poetry Thursday 221 - Vacations

So I'm back from my jollies (holiday) and have had a good break. I have seen and experienced a number of different events, sights etc that could be described as inspirational. In many ways too many to use all at once. I have begun with a couple of general offerings, the first being holidays in general.

My chariot


Having travelled away from home
for the purpose of holidaying awhile,
one reflects on the people we meet,
the places and the style.

We tend to travel south for the weather,
although God makes no guarantee,
hoping to return with skin of leather
having laid out a considerable fee.

It can be boring exploring the sand,
so attractions are a required bonus,
educating the mind a break from the sun,
and gentle reflection, rather than beery fuss.

In other places things are different,
a reason to try somewhere new.
Sometimes revisiting is a temptation,
in retrospect one should really eschew.

The outcome – rest and relaxation,
perhaps an alternative view on life,
undoubtedly fiscally poorer,
hopefully as sharp as a rehoned knife.
© David L Atkinson July 2016

The second poem is an attempt to capture the atmosphere of a museum in summer.

Victoria and Albert

The Museum

Temperature outside is soaring
inside the air-conditioning thunders,
school parties careen about yelling,
teachers perspire and carp.

Exhibits stand stationary, stoic
mysterious, obsidian sculpted forms
in creation and thought,
remain cool and aloof.

The shop with its fridge magnets,
tea towels, maps and books.
Expensive trash to mark a visit
souvenirs of why there.
© David L Atkinson July 2016