Monday, 25 July 2016

Tuesday food blog - Corned beef and onion pie

In warm weather there is little incentive to cook or eat hot meals and so last weekend I was looking for something that could be eaten cold with salad.

This is a cheap and cheerful alternative to quiche or pork pie. It is versatile and pretty easy to prepare particularly if you cheat as I did and use ready made frozen pastry!

The only part of this recipe to consider then is the pie filling.

12oz tin of corned beef
1 boiled beetroot
2 tomatoes, skinned
1 onion, chopped
oil for cooking
salt and pepper

There are versions of this with carrot, celery and diced potato. I have always thought that tomato goes well with corned beef and experimented with a little beetroot which neither added to or detracted from the dish. This is a very cheap recipe that would feed 4 - 6 people at a cost of around £3.50 for the whole lot - about 85p/head.

In my effort to bring more value to the blogs this is one of the easiest. Providing food ideas, cooking techniques and recipe alternatives really speak for themselves and I have received quite a slice of feedback on this blog.

God Bless