Saturday, 30 July 2016

Writing - 10 news snippets

In this more careful look at how my blog posts may be of value to readers and writers I wondered about this style of post. Initially I intended it to convey a little humour, however, there is more to be had from these snippets of the week's news. Some of the items, like the first, speak for themselves, others have less value.

Image result for burn

1. "Burn" is the most heavy metal word in the English language, whereas "particularly" is the least.

Not particularly of burning interest.


Image result for badger in wind in the willows

2. Badgers are terrified of the BBC World Service, CBC News and The Wind In The Willows.

They don't like being badgered about it!


Image result for seven almonds

3. Barack Obama does not eat exactly seven almonds every night, even though his wife once said he did.

How many then?


Image result for Milton Keynes Superman IV

4. Someone has painstakingly recreated 10 minutes of footage, filmed in Milton Keynes, from the 1986 film Superman IV.

Someone has to make the place interesting.


Image result for urine to beer using solar power

5. You can turn urine into beer using solar power.

Surely the most extreme form of taking the piss.


Image result for UK police fired guns 7 times

6. UK police fired their guns seven times in the year to March 2016.

Has this something to do with Obama's almonds?


Image result for Australian plate movement

7. Australia is moving 7cm (2.75in) north every year

No!!! they're close enough.


Image result for markings on Oxfordshire pavements

8. Strange markings on a pavement in Oxfordshire, suspected to be the work of burglars, were in fact left by a running club.

Whatever - it must be Banksy.


Image result for Birmingham to Euston train tickets

9. There are at least 42 different fares for rail travel between London Euston and Birmingham, ranging from £6 to £119.

The pricing regime on the trains these days is the biggest mystery since The Mousetrap.


Image result for Staphylococcus aureus

10. One in three people have Staphylococcus aureus in their nose, including in some cases the superbug MRSA (multiple-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

I've nothing purple up my nose!


God Bless