Saturday, 2 July 2016

Writing - 10 things we didn't know last week of June

History, football, drugs and nuns figure this week.

Image result for Icelandic football supporters

1. Ten per cent of the Icelandic population travelled to France for the European championships.

Last one out put the lights out.

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2. The fertility drug Pergonal was developed using gallons of nuns' urine.

She did the contraceptive sample

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3. Old songs now outsell new songs.

Cos' there are more old people


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4. People who meditate are more aware of their unconscious brain.



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5. Scientists have discovered the world's first known swimming centipede.

You wouldn't want that in your trunks!


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6. Conservative leadership candidate Theresa May owns more than 100 cookbooks - but none by Delia Smith.

Prejudiced against East Anglia?


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7. Technology is being developed to block concertgoers from filming live gigs on their smartphones.

Waste of time and money


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8. The Canadian prime minister is to feature as a hero in a new Marvel comic.

Then back to the day job


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9. At 81, Labour MP Paul Flynn is now the oldest frontbencher in the Commons since Victorian prime minister William Gladstone.

They should retire


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10. It will be another 500 years before the battlefields of the Somme are cleared of bombs.

Something else I won't live to see.


God Bless