Thursday, 28 July 2016

Writing - An anniversary and more

Bearing in mind giving value to my blogs, there was a problem today in that it is the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter's birth. It has already hit the news and so the amount of value to fellow writers in producing a blog on Ms Potter is limited. However, there is some interesting stuff later on.

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Beatrix Potter

For your edification Beatrix was born in Kensington, London in 1866 and was a natural scientist, conservationist, writer and illustrator who became famous for her children's stories.
As recognition for her work Royal Mail have produced a set of stamps including four scenes from her first book The Tale of Peter Rabbit. 

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I think her illustrations are excellent and of course she began doing her own. But in fact getting to the stage of producing the stories to be read by others was not easy.


This is the value bit!
In fact Beatrix Potter had difficulty getting her work published, so fellow writers who are, like me, self-publishing take heart.
In fact Beatrix was so fed up of receiving rejection letters that in 1901 she decided to do it herself. On the 21st December of that year Beatrix paid for and published 250 copies of her book about a certain naughty rabbit.
The Tale of Peter Rabbit was printed with 41 black and white woodblock engravings and a colour frontispiece, and proved so successful that, within a year, it had been picked up by one of the six publishers who had originally turned it down. By Christmas of 1902, Frederick Warne had sold 20,000 copies of the book, with Potter's own watercolour illustrations, at 1 shilling, and 1/6d for a luxury clothbound edition.
But Potter's self-publishing adventures didn't stop there. In 1903 she again took her career into her own hands after failing to reach agreement with Warne over her new story The Tailor of Gloucester.

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So if you think self-publishing is a 21st century phenomenon think again and never give up hope of being picked up by a publishing house. However, there is a health warning. The lady was not for turning and she maintained a tight grip on her work hence the break from Warne Publishing. 

The work you produce is your baby and you should never let go of that simple fact.

God Bless