Thursday, 21 July 2016

Writing - Holidays and adding value

I read an 'expert's' blog the other day about how to have your blog read by more people. One of the things he suggested, and I agree, is that for others to want to read your blog now and in the future is to give the reader something of value.

One of the things I am offering is writing that has been recognised, albeit in East Texas, but for which I am very grateful. This may not be quite what the 'expert' intended.

So how about some positive suggestions for holidaying in London?


Load up the Moovit  app on to your mobile - seriously!

I am in the fortunate position of being over the age of 60 and therefore carry a free bus pass that is usable throughout England. It means free travel on buses. This reduces the cost of travelling around the capital for the over sixties but even for those who pay, travelling above ground is so much easier and satisfying than the tube. Using the Moovit app aids progress around the sights.

Victoria and Albert Museum

I hesitate to recommend particular places to visit but do suggest that to avoid crowds and school parties that you aim to be there by 10:00 - most facilities open at this time.

Churchill's Bunker

Most of the well known museums are free to enter and often ask for a donation of around £5. I think that is reasonable enough when you consider that some admission fees are as high as £30.

The Churchill War Rooms cost around £15 - £20 to enter but are well worth a visit if you have interest in either the man himself or the period of history covering his life.

It is my sincere hope that today's blog is of value to some people out there who may be considering a visit to London, beginning to write their own blog or writing a book.

God Bless