Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Writing - Something trending

It is sometimes difficult to always find a subject that can be considered of value by readers but things can pop up unexpectedly. I occasionally watch commercial TV and have recently been bombarded with advertisements for a TV show that researches lost relatives then reunites the broken families. Then today it was a BBC series called Unsolved. You may ask where is the value to writers in those two shows?

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I hope the value is in pointing fellow writers towards aspects of stories that may need stronger emotional features. 

The reuniting relatives programme, by its nature, is obviously designed to culminate as a sob fest of mammoth proportions. Sure there will be the establishment of tension in the descriptive dialogue that leads to the grande reunion but the purpose is to finish giving the audience that 'feel good' factor. A fairly simple format that is intended to increase the ratings.
It is an example of a relatively low budget programme intended to increase the popularity of the station by the tactical use of the emotions.

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The second programme featuring a single unsolved situation stretched over six episodes is a clever piece of work that again uses the emotions. The clever bit is that it builds in different types of emotion and could actually make a fairly decent story writing template.

1. Establish the situation and facts of the case.

2. Find an informant that may be able to shed light on the case.

3. Establish who the suspect might be by gathering and sifting the evidence.

4. Introduce a mysterious new witness that supplies startling evidence - in this case he was nick-named the weatherman.

5. By using the 'weatherman's' new evidence the story is levered on to a possible conclusion.

6. Finally, the evidence is compelling and one of the suspects 'comes clean'.

Not bad I think, as a framework.

The emotions in the actual programme begin with a sense of horror at a loss, grief and outpourings thereof; they then work through drama and suspense until it is all resolved in a place where grief can be focused.

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So if you are writing and wondering about how a story is going consider the emotional aspects.

God Bless