Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Writing - What's in a number?

I was interested in my writing pal Bert Carson's blog the other day when he was introducing his lead character. A profile of the man if you like. I can remember doing the same with Patrick A Steele when the first story in which he was involved 'hit the shelves' (quietly!).

Well I'm now coming towards the end of his 10th adventure. I wanted to write 10 books but in fact the tenth Steele is my 11th. Why put a number on it? I don't know really. I think it was because at that time where I worked had a travelling bookshop that sold books in sets of 10 and I bought a set of Colin Dexter (Inspector Morse) stories. It isn't that important really but it stuck in my mind.

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Building 7

Building 7 is the tenth Steele novel so now what to do with him? Do I kill him off and move on to a different genre? Do I hedge my bets and still try something different without killing him off in case I want to go back to him. There are even more options but I do feel that he is reaching the end of his usefulness in some ways.

I have an idea that an autobiography, mainly for my family, but also as a reflection of the social history of the second half of the 20th century, may be the next project. The bottom line is that I think I'm ready for something different.

Then there is the poetry. I could spend time just writing that and painting the odd watercolour. I haven't painted for a long while.

This effort is of Pen-y-Gent

For now I need to concentrate on finishing Building 7.

God Bless