Saturday, 6 August 2016

10 things we didn't know last week

Some great stuff this week around the most useless animal in the world to really useful strategy for hot land.

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1. The Norwegian Socialist Left Party wants people to set aside one hour twice a year to hunt slugs.

As long as Jeremy Corbyn doesn't follow suit.


2. Dogs are more likely to develop limp, hard-to-wag tails the further north they live.

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Would you want to in the cold?


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3. The Northern Line is the dirtiest line on the London Underground.

Clue is in the name!


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4. It's possible to be arrested for being drunk while riding a mobility scooter.

What I'm cruising towards!


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5. The world record for rope skipping is 671.5 jumps in three minutes.

The idea is excruciating.


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6. Intelligent people tend to be messier and swear more than others.

I always tried to get away with it using that excuse.


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7. The Pokemon Go Wikipedia page has more citations than the Wikipedia page for the Bible (or at least it did on Monday).

Interesting that many who voted to remain in the EU are now doing this!!!!!!!!!!


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8. One of the last groups of woolly mammoths may have died of thirst.

Big enough to know better.

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9. The Yorkshire Dales national park is not confined to Yorkshire - more than a quarter is now in Cumbria.

God's own county is spreading.

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10. There are plans to build the world's largest solar farm in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

A good idea.


God Bless