Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Poetry Thursday 223 - Where is the power?

There is an awful lot spoken of power and there is more than the one type. I address two of them here.

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Turn everything off and listen.
What is it that you hear?
No music, no beeps, no talking.
Don’t worry there is nothing to fear,
from the quietness of the world
or the natural working sphere.

Take away the electricity,
remove that source of power,
time carries on mechanically measured.
advancing hour by hour.
The natural world keeps going,
as described by tree and flower.

But what to do now that it’s gone?
All depends on its generation.
No money, no travel, no work, no play,
just the stuff of natural evolution.
God’s handiwork left untouched by us,
the beauty and peace of His creation.
© David L Atkinson August 2016

Then there is personal untouchable power that plagues the minds of the health nuts.

The Sword of Damacles

What power is always possessed
that could ever be under threat
of the dread weapon hanging overhead
waiting to render the target dead?

An ordinary man, a biological edge
between the realms of life and death.
A constant battle to maintain the border,
endless advice to balance the order.

The dread creeping club we joined
as soon as we took our first breath,
holds us beneath the glacier of age,
picking the spot of initial damage.

Not often a final, decisive, blow
to snuff out the fading light.
More a gradual, persistent penetration,
rendering the subject to infinite perdition.

The final release as the edge dissolves
and the vessel traverses to inevitable death.
All memory of pain and suffering gone
as the spirit is set free and travels on.
© David L Atkinson August 2016

God Bless