Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Poetry Thursday 224 - Olympics and more

I feel that I owe the GB team competitors an apology! It seems that every time I turn on the TV whatever our athletes are riding breaks, or they fall off, or fall in, but they fail. Of course it could be something to do with the over expectation of the media. Which ever is the case I couldn't let it pass without some thought.

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Olympic Dreams

And so it has started,
hobbies not for the faint-hearted.
A couple of weeks of intensity,
to try and beat personal history.
Amid the rabid media swarming,
heat and controversy creating.

Are the participants clean?
Do the public seem as keen?
Will they play by the rules
or behave as fools?
How can we take it seriously
when participants cheat repeatedly?

The crowds will attend every sport,
cheering, worshipping as they ought.
Athletes will acknowledge with thanks,
cry a few tears as they achieve higher ranks.
Then it will be over, or so it seems,
but in four years’ time more Olympic dreams.
© David L Atkinson August 2016

The reality of summer holidays in the UK

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Ordinary summer holiday

Families huddled on the beach
Salty fish and chips
Lost children screaming for mums
Delicious ice cream
Less busy because of the rain
A reduction in tension
ordinary summer holiday
© David L Atkinson August 2016

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Holidaying in the UK

You’re never quite sure
if the hotel will be poor,
or the weather fairly clement,
and will the food be pleasant?
Is the beach handy?
Is the surface yellow sandy?
Do we have to queue for all?
“Mum I’ve lost the beach ball!”
© David L Atkinson August 2016

God Bless