Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Poetry Thursday 225 - Past and Present Olympics

Poetry for me is often an internal conversation and sometimes those conversations are intensely private but they are also a testimony. Therefore I publish the final poem today but only for the readers of my blog.
First a tongue in cheek look at the legacy of the Olympics.

Olympic Legacy (revisited)

It is a part of the daily grind,
for myself and others of my kind,
to rise early - self-imposed rule -
and drive to the local swimming pool.

There are all kinds of shapes and sizes,
wanting change through exercises.
So there they are bright and early,
in their costumes tight and swirly.

The men’s bodies may have seen better days,
but still strut their stuff in wobbly ways,
sporting their tiny, gripping, new speedos,
and making like ageing, gasping torpedoes.

The women try to maintain more class,
with discreet use of beach towel to cover their ass,
as they make their way to the shimmering water,
where they tend to swim faster than such shapes ought a.

This is the legacy of the London Games,
four years later we still have aims,
being reinforced by Rio’s version,
leading to more amateur exertion.
© David L Atkinson August 2016

Just checking in

Hi Mam, it’s only me,
haven’t checked in for a day or three
but then things don’t really change
within a mediocre range.

It seems so recent since you went,
four years of time that has been spent.
How well’s it gone? – I think so-so,
but I suppose it’s you that’ll really know.

Good things have not been missing,
no traumas as a result of time’s passing.
Issues may lurk in the shadows,
winding up their punishing blows.

I suppose you’ll be doing okay,
ensuring all is run the right way.
Hope you’re enjoying life’s final rest.
Will chat again Mam – God Bless
© David L Atkinson August 2016

God Bless