Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Poetry Thursday 226 - Who is the best?

So the Olympic Games (part 1) is over, paralympics still to come, and the political battle within the Labour Party begins. These two poems tackle some of the associated issues.

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Who is the best?

Ali said he was the greatest,
Now Adams claims that place,
Peaty in water was the fastest,
Jamaican Bolt won every race.

Whether it was in the water,
or on the hockey pitch,
if the competition was hotter,
we won without a hitch.

Was it the brothers Brownlee
toiling in three disciplines?
or the future Mr and Mrs Kenny,
on the velodrome, glistening?

It doesn’t really matter
when judging at the end,
Team GB four years after,
will glory in the medal blend.
© David L Atkinson August 2016

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Who could fail to return the smile of Nicola Adams?

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Labour v Labour

So it starts.
Corbyn versus Smith.
But will Labour part
when deciding who to go with?

Most destructive decision,
to fight over ideology.
Could be the final schism
like mitosis in biology.

What was the role of the party,
in the early days when it was formed?
By the gang led by Hardie,
it was to protect the uninformed.

Nowadays it has lost principles.
Soul sold to the parliamentary elite,
electability the aim cynical,
heading for another defeat.

C’mon pull together,
realign the party’s aims,
whether Corbyn or Smith,
stop playing divisive games.
© David L Atkinson August 2016

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Speaks for itself.

God Bless