Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Poetry Thursday 227 - Beware the dark side of the force

This has little to do with Star Wars but more the hidden side of human psychology, or human nature. It is the reason why seemingly normal human beings do outrageous, or hideously evil acts.

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Dark Side

There is the dark side,
matt black, featureless, empty.
But what does it hide?
All that tempts and scares he.

So when do you access the dark side?
A void noir but threatening.
When you least expect that ride,
triggered by stimulus upsetting.

That lurking dark side,
waiting to slip into your consciousness,
teasing, testing danger applied.
The feeling of pit bottomless.

The interminable dark side.
Once again suppressed but present
relief to God’s humanity, sighed
edging you from discontent.
© David L Atkinson August 2016

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For whom the bell tolls

We’re not allowed to speak out,
we have to toe the line
of expected norms,
without a squeak or pout.

Know your place,
and cast your
eyes down,
lest you deny your lowly race.

Keep your heads down,
stay out of trouble
for a change,
and don’t even frown.

They are watching us all the time,
looking for the slightest
That is when the bell will chime.
© David L Atkinson August 2016