Monday, 1 August 2016

Tuesday Food Blog - Meatloaf and salad

This week's food post is rather simple but in the realm of having value for my readers has opportunities for individualising the dish.


There is no great secret to meatloaf. However, the basic meat sauce can be varied to suit your's and your family's preferences. This one is very simply pork mince, Henderson's Relish, mustard, tomato puree, onion, garlic, parsley and oregano. It included the binding agents, bread crumbs and a beaten egg, along with seasoning. It is cooked for 60 - 75 minutes at 180/350 degrees.
The streaky bacon I used to line the loaf tin could be replaced by pancetta or another fine ham.
There are different varieties of mustard.
Henderson's Relish could be replaced by Worcester Sauce.
Vegetables can be added such as carrot and celery.
I am considering an Italian style using tomatoes.

with salad

My salad may seem to be missing leafy greens but then I have never been a grazing animal! This meal had a hard-boiled egg sliced with it eventually but even so quite healthy with four of your five a day on the plate. 
Very simple but tasty hot or cold.

In contrast my good friends at Venture Galleries have been featuring my award with the East Texan Writer Guild and the Steele novel Flight into Secrecy which is quite topical as yet another theory about the missing MH370 has appeared in the news. The link to the feature is below.

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God Bless