Monday, 8 August 2016

Tuesday Food Blog - Salad variations

Another weekend of catching meals as and when it was possible including eating out. However, I bought plenty of salad and a quiche so that I had plenty to fall back on. However, I received an unexpected gift!

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I have a couple of friends who grow their own vegetables and one of them brought me a courgette and some green beans. Not only did he bring the produce he told me of a recipe that he'd used for the courgette.

Quiche, sauteed vegetables and salad

The photograph shows the constructed meal and that the bought quiche was as bland as it looks will be no surprise. However, The vegetables were delicious as were the salad items.

Sauteed Courgettes

This item that can be eaten with any meal where you require a green vegetable and couldn't be easier to prepare. All that is required is some oil or butter, garlic and seasoning. Slice the courgette very thinly, warm the pan with the oil and add the seasoning and garlic. Place the sliced veg in the pan, heat through for a couple of minutes and then serve - couldn't be easier. 

As an experiment I parboiled the green beans and then sauteed them also and they came out just as delicious. In fact the meal was so tasty without meat I could almost become vegetarian. (Stress on the 'almost'!)

The above method of preparing vegetables can be varied by adjusting the seasonings and the added herbs or spices. I'm sure if you are wanting to try variations you will have some flavour combinations that are your favourites which could marry up equally well. Another variation that could have the kids eating vegetables is making chips from sweet potatoes or carrots.

Hope you find plenty of value in this week's post.

God Bless